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Subject: OT: Building Video/Audio Training Programs of Desktop and Web Applications
From: Robert L Mann
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 21:46:46 -0000

Hey, all those multimedia gurus....

My supervisor asked me to make a training video of our applications.

He likes the results that the virtual training company... www.vtco.com produces and so do I. What are they using to
produce such fine quality?

I just do not know what software to use to effectively record our 'how to... applications' from a desktop in quicktime format
and then host it on our site. I have tried many methods already by doing screen captures; however, the development time is too consuming.
Our bandwidth should not be a concern; although, I am interested in knowing about the traps of this kind of development.

I am interested in producing this content because I can gain more flexibility of hosting the content via a
java tree structure and embedding the quicktime into flash thanks to www.wildform.com (flix). (No plugins/ no players needed... just the standard)

Any help is appreciated.

Robert Mann
Senior Web Specialist

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