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Subject: Please provide some feedback on this site...
From: Rob Brewster
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 01:57:56 +0100

G'day guys and gals,

I have just uploaded an updated site for Action101 - an online Internet
Radio station (for the IMDb). It is not yet for public viewing so I would
appreciate whatever feedback you feel you can give me on the site. It makes
use of a lot of Flash but nothing too fancy as the site is supposed to have
a sort of retro feel to it rather than over the top modern.

It can be seen at http://www.action101.com/shockwave/index.htm
At present I have not included a start page allowing visitors to go get a
shockwave plug-in etc. How important do you think that is? or is it OK just
to dive straight into the opening movie.

To listen to the radio station (which plays great music, I think) you'll
need one of the later realaudio downloads such as v 5.0, if you haven't got
it, it's worth the download.

Thanks for your time.

Rob Brewster
Aztech Designs (I will get a web site of my own up as soon as I get a chance
;) )

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