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Subject: Re: StarFlash Site test
From: Craig Ferrante
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 19:32:02 +0100

Norman Johansyah wrote:

hi Flashers,..

I just uploaded my adventure story create with Flash 3.
It's an entertainment stuff, try to mixing animations, sounds, and comic
book style.
This story haven't finish yet, I still have to animating a dozens of
characters, set more rooms , actions, and
fix some "tell target", "if frame loaded" things :-)

You can see it at :

Comments, suggestions are welcome :-)


Norman Johansyah
The Uncharted Flash "Anything with Flash on It"
mail to : sketchatrad [dot] net [dot] id
icq # : 1626124

       Very nice , really like the look of the characters, loaded smooth too.Have you tried to add voiceovers? -I'm curious  to how this would affect the streaming since I am working on a similar project.

 Craig Ferrante

  StarFlash Site test, Norman Johansyah

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