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Subject: Re: creating a button with looped sound/4 Sound Syncs
From: yuri
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 15:34:58 +0100

Hi John

you wrote:

There are 4 Sound Syncs: Event, Start, Stop, and Stream each of these
pertain to an individual sound by going to Frame Properties > Sound >
Guess what Stop does? It stops an individual sound selected in Sound:

Oke after some while I managed to get the sound stopping on roll out, but
not corresponding to your story. This is what I did:
Select the button in the Library and "edit". In the 'over' part starts a
sound. Now in the 'up part' I selected the same sound and gave it a
'sync;stop'. and the sound actually stops. But my next step will be, that I
want the sound to fade away when rolling out of the hit area. Do you know
how we should do this?

Ore anybody else out there...?

thanks Yuri : )=

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  Re: creating a button with looped sound/, John Croteau

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