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Subject: Re: New SwfSaver (Shockwave Flash screen saver)
From: Horng Yui-Wei
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 09:18:48 +0100

Mark Kretschmer wrote:
> For some reason, I cannot get the screensaver to work. I installed the
> ActiveX plug-ins, but when I check out my display properties and try to view
> the screensaver properties, I get nothing. I am running win98, with IE
> 4.72.3110. Is there a way I can double-check to see if I have the correct
> plug-in installed?
> Mark Kretschmer
> markkatimagineinteractive [dot] com

A new version is uploaded, which can detect
if the ActiveX control is installed properly.

SwfSaver is tested on Win95 only, 98/NT is not tested.

Yui-Wei Horng
hhorngatficnet [dot] net

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  RE: New SwfSaver (Shockwave Flash screen, Mark Kretschmer

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