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Subject: Re: OT: Easy CD Creator (was: CDROM Authoring)
From: David Gary
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 00:03:19 +0100


Sean Robertson wrote:

 "We are not normally in that business.  We intend to mass produce the CD "

Then I would advise hiring a professional production company.  It would probably cost
alot less than you think by the time you go through the mistakes of doing it yourself.
Developing an interactive CD is not a "teach myself in a couple of days" kind of  thing, especially
when you then have to turn around and find a publisher. If your boss has a problem with 900 bucks,
the sh*t will definetly hit the fan when you show him the publishing costs of  distributing a CD.
A professional production company usually have publishers which in turn will handle packaging
and distribution.

If your boss has experience in producing videos  he should be aware of this.

Unless you plan on burning your own copies which would be the most impractical idea if you plan on "mass production".
since you would lose more money than you'd make.

Let alone you still have to find a distributor.

"so buying multiple licenses for a viewer doesn't seem like a practical option."

Convert swf into exe by creating projector file. Wala, no need for License fee,  browser,  or stand alone player.


  Re: OT: Easy CD Creator (was: CDROM Auth, David Gary

  Re: OT: Easy CD Creator (was: CDROM Auth, Sean Robertson

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