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Subject: RE: delay
From: John Dowdell
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 00:25:07 +0100

At 1:26 PM 7/30/98, Chris Jester (CTS Technical) wrote:
>Does Macromedia own this list? Or did someone else start it and Macromedia
>is just members? Anyway there is definitely a delay in messages almost like
>the filter is stopping the posts for a little while?

No, Sam Michel is our kindly host here. More info's in the mail sent when
you subscribed.

Note that a mailing list is *not* a chat line. Each message gets pushed out
to all subscribers.

Many people take mailing lists in "digest" mode, where an entire day's
articles are consolidated. Different types of online communication have
different styles and fill different needs.

(iow, a mailing list is not designed for rapid-fire low-value conversation,
but -- due to each message being read and evaluated by each subscriber --
is better suited to considered conversation.)


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  Re: OT(delay), David Gary

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