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Subject: Re: Glowing Button problems
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 18:22:13 +0100

At 09:49 AM 7/31/98 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi there!
>Want to create a button which glows each 10 seconds, got 5 keyframes for
>the glow, 30 keyframes just with the button.
>The Problem:
>The button glows each second, none of the 30 keyframes is used.
>Please help, can't find any solution.
I suspect you're trying to create the glow sequence in the button edit
timeline. The button edit window only reads the original four frames
representing the four states: up, over, down, and hit.

To create a glow cycle (or any other animated button), the animation must
be in a movie clip. Then drag the movie clip into the button edit timeline
for the state(s) where you want the animation. Note: the movie clip will
play at the frame rate selected for your main movie. If you've selected a
frame rate of 12 per second, then build your movie clip so the glow occurs
over 12 frames and then repeats.


Marc Hoffman
Poison Dart Frog Music
Digital Audio Production Services
& Interactive Multimedia Design


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  Glowing Button problems, Rico Reitz

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