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Subject: Re: OT: CDROM Authoring
From: Troy M. Gilbert
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 20:48:31 +0100

The best solution I've found for the big three platforms is Java. It seems
to be supported in one form or another on almost every OS (at least that I
know of). And slowly the Runtime engines are reaching a desirable speed.

Personally I'm working on a universal graphics platform/authoring suite
combining Java and Flash. So far, I've found it to run on almost every
platform I've tried it on... unfortunately it really only runs at
acceptable speeds on Win and Mac (where Flash is supported in Native
code)... but I'm slowly working on it... (and don't worry, here a few weeks
I'll the project site up and running... I hope for this to be a
collaborative effort to product a good piece of freeware that will be a
huge step in eliminating the platform barrier).


>OK, here's one...if i might broaden things:
>How about the triple platform question (Mac, UNIX, PC)?
>I assume Opera flies here (it has all three?)?
>How about others?

Troy M. Gilbert
Webbsite, Inc. Site Designer
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