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Subject: FLASH:irregular glow2
From: vijaykumar shanmugam
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 00:12:06 +0100

hello everybody
    think my post must have been lost among the others so iam reposting.please do let me know if any of my actions cause any inconvenience as iam pretty new to using lists of this kind and do not want to be misunderstood
    i think my question was mis understood.i regret any inconvenience caused due to the ambiguous question.what i wanted to know was how to create a glow like effect for an object within flash.
    lets say i have an irregular object then if i want to give it a background glow how do i proceed this was my question once again sorry for the short and ambiguous question

  Re: FLASH:irregular glow2, Cheri Harder

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