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Subject: FLASH: re new web site
From: Perry Steve
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 01:12:49 +0100

Hi Steve Kim

I'm replying via the list as I couldn't get through to your email address

Thanks for your comments - much appreciated as this is my first attempt at a
Flash web site.

The site uses two movies. Level 0 has the 3d logo and the title at the
bottom. Level 1 has all the rest of the stuff. Level 1 is developed around
lots of movie clips controlled from the main time line - these MC's are all
preloaded by the preloader (controlled from level 0) so that when the main
navigation buttons become active all content is there. I'm not sure this is
the best way to go as I have seen a lot of sites that just load a section
when it is selected. If all sections are kept reasonably small I think this
is a good way to go an example of this is the control group site at

Like other people I would love to know how they converted the video for that
site as I would like to use some 3d fly throughs on my site?.

The logo was built in Corel as a 2d then each element was extruded to the
same level. The outer ring was constructed and then each element put into
place. I then exported the whole thing as a wmf file and imported into
Flash. Here i re shaded all elements as flash shading seems much better and
more efficient than any other drawing package.

Hope this helps

Steve Perry
SEQ 2001

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