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Subject: RE: FLASH: ASP/Flash database search demo
From: James
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 05:14:24 +0100

Hopefully the mime type will be set soon, I've passed along instructions.
I did a few "upgrades" like putting the data in SQL Server so response
should be much quicker, you can simply type a letter or two and press enter
rather than clicking the button, and the "Processing..." info shows up
while a search is being performed so the user has some feedback.


Think I'll work on adding some background music/sounds (out of our studios)
to make things a bit more fun.

This is a great learning experience - I go way back with ASP and combining
it with a flash front-end seems to be an ideal combination for
interactivity. However, I am already finding limitations such as clickable
records that are returned to drill-down further into the data,
analyzing/changing data elements as they are brought back into flash, etc.
Of course, I don't know enough about flash4 yet to know for sure if it can
be done, so I'm still looking into it.

Anyway, thanks for your reviews, if you want to take another look with the
better coding and backend setup, feel free to let me know how performance
is now. Warning: the mime type may or may not be setup just yet.

Thanks again!


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From: Russell E. Unger [SMTP:rungeratzaxcoms [dot] com]
This worked nicely, but it was very slow for me...and I've got a T1, p2/350
megs of RAM running NS 4.5.

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  Re: FLASH: ASP/Flash database search dem, John Croteau

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