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Subject: Netiquette (was: Re: FLASH: MM, why the hassle?!)
From: Marc Hoffman (Dart Frog Media)
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 18:48:18 +0100

At 02:12 AM 7/30/99 -0400, you wrote:
>We have an awesome design team in house, and I happen to disagree with your
>assesment of the site. But please keep in mind that the developers are
>just developers like anyone else on this list, not an impersonal corporate
>entity, and don't really deserve unsolicited bashing of their work.
>Anyway, I am sure you meant no offense, but I think it is generally not
>considered great netiquette to criticize a fellow list members' work
>without a site critique request from that developer.

Hi David M (and other Davids as well, and non-Davids too, for that matter),

Although I hadn't heard of that particular netiquette rule I want to
express my support for the idea.


Particularly on a list such as we have here, it's important that people
feel comfortable posting their work and asking for specific sorts of help.
If this list is used to bash designers (whether they're list members or
not), it becomes a shooting range and will drive many people away.

At times it makes sense to critique non-member sites (for example, when
someone posts a Flash site for discussion), but there are respectful ways
of doing that: just stick to objective comments about the design and
function and avoid personal labels or comparing the abilities of different

That much said, I want to add that I'm generally quite pleased with the
genuine respect and kindness most contributors display on this list. Since
much of my work is done alone, this list is an important part of my
professional circle. In a corporate setting, back-stabbing and gossip can
be quite destructive to the work environment. On a list like ours, it's
just as important to be kind and respectful and to make sure contributions
are positive.


Marc Hoffman

marcatdartfrogmedia [dot] com (mailto:marcatdartfrogmedia [dot] com).
My Flash Portfolio: <http://www.dartfrogmedia.com/sampler>
(featured in Flash 3 Web Animation, by Ken Milburn)

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