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Subject: Re: FLASH: David Gary, others, and the issues of time <OT>
From: Frederico
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 23:42:55 +0100

On 7/30/1999 4:05 PM, Markus Gut via ml-markusgutatbluewin [dot] ch, said:

>What makes you think that people have set up wrong time? Here is
>the timestamp of DG's last posting:
> Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 17:55:30 -0700

Well, as you said, their are lots of list delays. That's the time stamp
of the last one he sent *yesterday*. He's sent at least one today, more I
think, I dunno, my client now filters his out, and I delete them all
pretty fast as they are rarely enough on topic to be worth archiving.
Obviously you haven't received them yet, or you received them two years
ago, or will receive them in the future. Isn't this fun?

>Where are the "two or more years" difference? It think's it *is*
>1999, isn't it?

Yes, 1999 today, but I have more than a few over the last few weeks from
"1998", rcd on June 27-29, 1999. There are lots of other examples, not
only from DG.
>BTW, would you mind to put <OT> to the subject line when a
>posting is not related to Flash?

You are quite correct, I neglected to so so, and overlooked it in
subsequent posts. My sincere apologies.


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