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Subject: Re: FLASH: Control Group Site
From: Mimieux10
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 23:50:09 +0100

i would suspect that the original footage was shot with a very very strnghold
light source off to one side. the effect is really all in the lighting. try
it with a home video camera- then the helpful hints using photoshop and after
effects will clean it up. the beauty of it is that you don't need great
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I am doing this off the top of my head, but once you have the black and
white palette you could do a color replace. As for the little dots or
"dithering", you can turn it off. No?

> That method will cause a very dirty trace since the 1 bit pallete will
> just make the footage black and white and give you tons of small black
> dots to compensate for shaded areas. Before you convert your pallete,
> you have to adjust the levels (in Photoshop for pict sequences, or After
> Effects for movies) until the posterization (color clogging) is extreme
> so that when you trace you'll get big blocks instead of millions of
> small dots. You won't be able to remove all of the dots in
> Photoshop/After Effects but you'll get most of them and the rest can be
> deleted in flash.

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