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Subject: FLASH: Vector Movie Sequence Test - Check it out doods :)
From: Olympic Health Management Systems
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 00:29:10 +0100

Ok, what can i say, i'm inspired by egomedia, control group, and bbboliver.
thanks for the help guys. now, all i need is a sweet digital video camera. i
managed to fool around with this concept of capturing video stills,
converting them in photoshop using a variety of filters or just threshold
(the possibilities are endless really) and importing them into flash and
tracing them using a variety of different tracing settings. i just had to
test different settings for awhile until i found one that didn't make it
look like total horsecrap. dealing with minimal colors, etc...is tricky to
say the least....but the effect is really nice. the following link is a
simple hand coming out doing some sort of grab...whatever. nothing special,
but you get the picture. have a look and tell me if i should give it a rest
or keep playing :)

webmasteratohmsystems [dot] com

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