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Subject: Re: FLASH: archive
From: John Snippe
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 17:26:09 +0100

On 7/31/99, regarding " Re: FLASH: archive ", John Croteau offered the

>Hi Dominic,
>> >The digests of the Flasher Lists are archived and available.
>> >Instructions on getting the Index and downloading are at:
>> >http://www.FlashCentral.com/Tech/Resources/FlasherL.htm
>> >There just is no search.
>> -rw-rw---- 1 majordom daemon 38461 Feb 25 1998 v01.n008
>> This is 6 of 52681... pretty useful, eh?
>The Index and present archive covers the period from Feb 13, 1998 until
>July 30, 1999 there are 1363 digests in the Archive (that's an average
>of about 3 digesta s day).
>Where did you got that 52681 number, I don't know?

to answer your question, please allow me to quote the 87k list again:

>>>>> index flasher-digest
>total 52681
>-rw-rw---- 1 majordom daemon 29076 Feb 13 1998 v01.n001

Notice the _total_ listed there? That's where I got it from. Maybe you
didn't notice it because, like myself, you consider this method of
retrieving information less than ideal.

>It would be nice to have a searchable archive, but discussion here about
>a one for this list is of little value,

Well, it at least was of sufficient value to convince a number of people to
respond both on- and off-list suggesting that it was indeed a worthy
endeavor to persue. Besides, it may well come to pass that, should
permission end up being granted, it will be members of this list who will
co-operatively create one!

> because only one person has the
>right to setup or allow a searchable database of the Flasher List.
>Sam is the owner of the List and administrative and items like this
>should be sent to his attention at owneratshocker [dot] com (mailto:owneratshocker [dot] com).

I sent him an e-mail last evening doing just so... we will await his decision!

BTW, John... just so there is no misunderstanding: Please don't allow this
discussion to in any way clour your opinion of me ;-) From my limited
exposure to this list to date, and from the surfing I did off your sig
file, I can see that you are an important, integral, and devoted
protagonist in the cause known as 'Flash'. It is just that I see a real
functionality lacking here, and if needed will be willing (with help form
others, please!!) to rectify that situation.

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