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Subject: Re[2]: FLASH: heart attack!
From: Roger Heath
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 13:26:51 +0100

Reply to: Cinn Carreras
Re: FLASH: heart attack! on Friday 7:01:28 AM
From: Roger Heath heathatrleeheath [dot] com

It's electrocardiogram (ECG). I have a background in that area.
I'd be interested in code for this if it was made available. <g>

Roger Heath

C> Hi Tony,

C> I suppose you mean electrogram? If that's so, I just got done making one. :)
C> Lots of headaches since it was my first flash attempt! LOL

C> Okay, well, this is what I did.

C> I imported an electrogram into flash. Made a new layer and started tracing the
C> whole thing so that it'll be a vector graphic. I made that into a symbol and
C> deleted the original electrogram since I didn't need it anymore.

C> Then on a new layer I drew a rectangle to cover the electrogram. Hit F6 to
C> insert a new keyframe and then Shift + right arrow key to move this layer.
C> Repeat until end of electrogram.

C> Then I converted this to a movie clip since I wanted to move all the time.

C> Perhaps, I did it the hard way, but flash is new to me. Hope this helps.

C> Cinn.

C> P.S. I must be forgetting my english since it takes me forever to right an
C> email! :))

C> Tony Indelicato wrote:

>> Hello flash gurus,
>> I am attempting to animate a Cardiogram ....
>> Originally I was going to animate one dot and copy and paste the animation
>> offsetting it on the time line
>> and turning the Alpha down in consecutive steps...making like fifteen
>> million layers until the alpha reached zero..
>> I got into it a little bit and said to myself...there has got to be an
>> easier way..
>> 'Doh'
>> I'm sure there is an action that I can use to create 'trails' and then just
>> turn the alpha down in steps..
>> So that the 'EKG' blip fades out .....
>> I really wish I had a good resource like the Flash Bible...but all I have is
>> the "Using Flash" book that came with the software and this is no help at
>> all when it comes to developing and writing action scripts.....
>> If anyone can steer me in the right direction or even give me an idea where
>> to start..
>> I would greatly appreciate....
>> Deadline is flying above me ...circling....
>> Thank you
>> Regards
>> Tony

Roger Heath heathatrleeheath [dot] com

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