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Subject: Re: FLASH: Generator Newbie data source questions
From: Mike Chambers
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 21:08:27 +0100

> Hi all. I have some newbie Generator questions.
> 1) On the Generator toolbar, there's a button for "Insert
> JPEG File". But the only place where the actual JPEG
> file name can be given is in the Generator Inspector
> window.
> Is there a way to update JPEGs just from typing a JPEG
> filename and path in a text file?

Yes. Create a text file called data.txt. Make the file look like:

name, value
image, path_to_image_here

name, value
image, c:\picture.jpg

Then click on the "Generator Enviroment variable" button (top right next to
the "edit symbols" and "edit scenes" button.)
Put the path the your data.txt file here.

Finally in the Generator inspector, for file name, place a generator
variable called {image} (this will be replaced with what you define image as
in your text file).

> 2) Assuming the above is possible, let's say I have a text
> file with 10 text headlines and 10 different accompanying JPEG
> file names.
> Is there something in Generator that will allow me to spit
> out 10 different .swfs with a different headline and JPEG in each
> just from the building of one template? Or is this something
> that requires other technologies to be working with Generator?

Yes, just use offline mode of Generator and run it in a batch (one for each
image and headline).

Chrissy Rey has written an excellent tutorial on Generator which can be
found at:

Hope that helps... let me know if you need more details...

Mike C

meshatspeakeasy [dot] org

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