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Subject: Re: FLASH: flash disappears sometimes (netscape)
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 23:45:23 +0100

Ouch. Thanks for letting me know about all this, Michael. Guess it's
pretty obvious there's no Mac in this house -- had no idea it'd look so
bad on one. And I thought I already had too much on my plate this
weekend... I appreciate knowing all this though.

helen triolo � http://i-technica.com � 301-424-6037

Michael Penney wrote:
> Wow, thats one messed up site. I saw no Flash at all on MSIE4.5/Mac though I
> did see some javascript code lying around : "document.write(' ');
> document.write(' '); } else if (!(navigator.appName &&
> navigator.appName.indexOf("Netscape")>=0 &&
> navigator.appVersion.indexOf("2.")>=0)){ document.write('" for example.
> It also opened up way too wide for my 17" at 832x624, I couldn't scroll over
> and had to move the browser partly off-screen to see the right side of the
> page.
> Tried it in Netscape 4.6 (mac) stil no flash that I could see, also no
> javascript code that I could see on the page, there was an animated gif at
> the lower right (after I moved the browser window over so I could see it,
> are they authoring on a 21" or what?) advising me to 'click here', but it
> didn't do anything when I did. When I looked in Netscape's page Info, I
> could see that there was an swf on the page, and there I could click it,
> etc. but it appears that for some reason the animated gif is taking its
> place?
> In NS 4.08 on my Win98 box, the page size was ok (that box has a 17" set to
> 1024x768) and the flash showed up fine. Not sure what problem is on NT (my
> NT boxes are at my other job), but I'd say the page needs serious re-design
> if PMAS cares about cross platform and notebook support.
> > On a site where I have a flash announcement inside a table cell
> > (http://www.pmas.com), the flash part sometimes doesn't show up in
> > Netscape (Windows NT). Usually it displays fine, but every now and
> > then, it just isn't there when I go to the page. There's no error
> > message and no blank image -- everything on the page is just shifted
> > over and there's no flash, as if that table cell wasn't even there. I
> > saw this happening before but thought it would go away when I inserted
> > the code that I got from publishing with the ad 34 banner. But it
> > happened again today (and of course, it had to be as I was showing a

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  Re: FLASH: flash disappears sometimes (n, Michael Penney

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