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Subject: Re: Aftershock!!
From: Paul Hagwood
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 14:01:52 GMT

>Hi Stefan and all,
>Aftershock is a very good tool (several uses).
> HTML Scripts for Flash, FlashJava and gifs (or whatever combination
> Create gifs (animated or static with image maps for buttons)
> Extract Text from swf files for search engine robots or other uses.

I used aftershock on my homepage and right now if you have the flash
plug-in your fine, but if you don't the alt image doesn't show up and
often you just get a broken graphic. (i hate those)
I have used it on IE 3 and 4 and netscape 3 and 4 on both mac and pc and
it does it on all machines. Oh well...any ideas. If you want to see what
I mean. http://hagwood2.home.mindspring.com/


Paul Hagwood

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