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Subject: Re: Wishes anyone?
From: Geoffrey J. Swenson
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 22:26:47 GMT

I would like a totally configurable interface like corel Draw. That way
I don't have to get used to completely different keystrokes for similar
functions. NONE of the native-function keystrokes are hard-wired in
corel draw. For that matter the menu is totally configurable as well.

Programming-wise this kind of flexiblity is only slightly more work
than adding a few shortcuts.

And snaps to objects, snaps to nodes, better ways to select objects,
in short, an actual, friendly interface.

So far my early desires to learn Flash have fallen flat on the need
to have paying projects. The learning curve of the rather hostile
interface is the main problem. The animation controls once objects are
created don't seem bad, but the actual process of creating graphics is
much more difficult for me than I ever expected.

Creating objects in CD for import into flash hasn't been a big issue,
but once in there, it seems unnessarily difficult to select objects,
combined with limited undo, and it is really slow, too. Coreldraw is at
least five times speedier.

Corel Draw 2.0 had a better drawing interface, so Flash is pretty bad
in that regard.

I suspect this WON'T happen. Freehand will be foisted on flash users
as the ACTUAL drawing interface for Flash.

Geoffrey J. Swenson
technoGRAPHIC Solutions
geoffreyatnwlink [dot] com

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  Re: Wishes anyone?, Dimmy

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