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Subject: Re: Wishes anyone?
From: steven warren
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 23:58:48 GMT

Here's a few...

I'll take a hand tool for panning around the image, keyboard commands for
zooming in and out, and a better interface for hiding, locking and showing

Stop the screen flicker that happens between scenes on the Mac.

And how about some global color correction, or something like custom colors
that you can apply all over your document, then change in one step.

I'd like to see Lingo incorporated into Flash. Not Javascript Behaviors!!!
Javascript sucks and breaks for too many stupid reasons related to the
browser wars. We use Flash for simple interfaces because the Javascript was
too expensive to develop for 8 different platforms:

((NS 3 and 4) + (IE 3 and 4) X (Mac & PC))

I wish that when the plug-in for Flash 3 comes out, that it doesn't have
problems to be solved by versions 3.01 and 3.02. Because then you would
lose your edge, which is to say that Flash works well on all platforms with
the same plug-in. The Shockwave Director plug-in has been a dismal failure
(in my opinion) for this reason. You can make cool and fun stuff with it,
but memory errors and version control are out of hand.

Right now my clients are interested in Flash, where they wouldn't touch
Shockwave with a ten foot pole. Is anybody doing major work in Director for
the internet? Here's a tip: Don't try to implement shockwave in the
browser. Try making a downloadable application that runs outside the
browser and communicates with the web via it's NetLingo. Yes, it's an extra
step to download an app, but more people will be able to run it with
*minimal* system requirements and far fewer memory errors. A much better
experience for the user, but still a hard sell in a corporate environment.


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  Re: Wishes anyone?, Michael Kay

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