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From: Michael Greenberg
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 01:24:23 +0100

Hi Folks,
Just want to let all of you know that this Friday will be my last day at

Here is the skinny on my departure. Forgive this repost from the Freehand

Well after much contemplation and insensitivity from AT&T I have come to
the conclusion that I need to leave AT&T and move on.

As of April 3rd I will be working for the Carlson Leisure Group,they own
one of the World's Largest Travel Agency.Their parent comnpany the
Corp.is dumping a ton of money into Multimedia.

I will have 2 web sites that will be totally mine.I have been told to
design 4.0 browsers and Shockwave (Flash & Director) and make it as
cutting edge as possible.I will also be working in a Mac environment

This has been tough for me, but AT&T is pretty much axing Macromedia
products. Sad,but true. I have fought a good fight (at least I think
so).However, my 2 guidance counselors Bentley and David M.have made me
realize that happiness is the most important thing. I think I forgot that
for awhile. Corporate America will do that to you.

Anyway, I will be back to developing in a total Mac environment again.Not
that I am a PC hater or anything I am just a Mac Head and I always will

I also found out that alot of my e-mail is being censored to the tune of
about 100 e-mails a day.So if you need to contact me personally do it
through my mindspring account from now on.

Sorry to spill the beans in this manner but I haven't been this excited
and happy in about 2 years,

Michael Greenberg
Multimedia Developer/Shockwave Developer
AT&T- Interactive Products & Services
email: macmikeatatl [dot] mindspring [dot] com
macmikeatatt [dot] com

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