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Subject: Re: FLASH: please check this 3D spinning "K"
From: Kevin Darbro
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 03:06:36 +0100

"d.l.cheseldine" wrote:

> Please look at my attempt to create a 3D spinning "K".

I'd like to see the super spinning "K" Dave. Perhaps I missed the url, could
you repost it?

- Kevin Darbro
http://www.intrex.net/kdarbro (non flash)

My 2D Flash attempts:
http://www.hyperionstudios.com/kevin/flag (oh say can you see)
http://www.hyperionstudios.com/kevin/kflash (whatever)
http://www.hyperionstudios.com/kevin/pbmifk (work in progress)
http://www.hyperionstudios.com/kevin/tower (under review)


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  Re: FLASH: please check this 3D spinning, John Croteau

  FLASH: please check this 3D spinning "K", d.l.cheseldine

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