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Subject: FLASH: Text Symbols "breaking up"
From: Jim Duber
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 09:11:52 +0100

Greetings all,

I just got feedback from QA for a project I'm currently working on, saying,
"The bottoms of the g's, y's, and p's are funny...". They also mentioned
some other spots in the same movie where the "bottoms" of letters were

Personally, I can find nothing funny at all. The items in question are
symbols based on simple text fields, the same size and font as all the
other (unfunny) ones throughout the entire movie. There are no effects
being used on these instances, nor are they overlapped by anything else on
the stage. I see nothing funny on 3 different monitors (2 mac, 1 pc) and
I've even experimented with different bit depths.

The clients say it only happens on a couple of their machines, But so far,
I haven't been able to get any more specifics (other than that "funny"
seems to mean that the bottoms of the letters were breaking up. I've
already done a save-as and renamed the file, but that didn't help. I am
about to copy and paste the entire movie into a new, blank file and hope
that'll take care of it.

Otherwise, I'm all out of ideas and was wondering if this sort of thing
rung a bell with any of you. Sure would appreciate any suggestions at this

Thanks and all the best,


Jim Duber Computer Assisted Language Learning Producer/Consultant
jimatduber [dot] com http://www-writing.berkeley.edu/chorus/call/index.html

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  Re: FLASH: Text Symbols "breaking up", Marc Hoffman

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