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Subject: FLASH: [OT] Tax Deductible Work?
From: Mike Grove
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 14:43:07 +0100

Hi, everyone.....

This past year, we wound up doing a pretty fair amount of work for free for
a charity that we support. Logo recreation, mastheads for newsletters, etc
(for web and print), and someone suggested that we should deduct the work
on our U.S. Federal Income Taxes. Our accountant seems to think that we
could only deduct materials (disks, shipping costs) and not services, which
wouldn't amount to anything since we worked via email and FTP. We live in a
rural area, and have to wonder if he just doesn't understand that digital
work is not some ethereal thing, but the equivalent of old-fashioned
mechanicals that were photographed and printed - something tangible.

Does anyone know the answer or a source on the web where we might find it?



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  Re: FLASH: [OT] Tax Deductible Work?, Brad Merritt

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