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Subject: Re: FLASH: Text Symbols "breaking up"
From: Jim Duber
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 21:33:12 +0100


I should have mentioned this in my original post, but no I can't supply a
URL as I'm under strict NDA. Thanks for the offer.

Good point about the HTML settings. I'm only supplying the complete movies,
the client is writing the HTML and I just assumed this would be the
setting. But it very well could be "AutoHigh" which could cause some
"funny" looking text to appear at times. Thanks, Marc, for the tip! I'll
pass it along and let you know if indeed that was the cause of the funny

Best wishes,

Jim Duber Computer Assisted Language Learning Producer/Consultant
jimatduber [dot] com http://www-writing.berkeley.edu/chorus/call/index.html

At 11:07 PM 3/29/99 -0800, Marc Hoffman <marcatdartfrogmedia [dot] com> wrote:

>Can you send us a URL? Also, does Quality=High in your HTML code? It should.
>>I just got feedback from QA for a project I'm currently working on, saying,
>>"The bottoms of the g's, y's, and p's are funny...".

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