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Subject: Re: FLASH: freehand & flash
From: Brad Merritt
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 15:18:01 +0100

>At 02:20 PM 3/29/99 -0800, anna wrote:
>>i am trying to trace a bitmap in freehand8, then import it into
>>Flash3 - and i am experiencing entirely to many problems.
>>for those of you who have done this before, what steps do you use.
>>please be as detailed as possible - also is there and exporst as flash3.swf?
>>all i have is export as flash2.swf.

Copy and paste bitmap from Photoshop into Freehand
Trace Bitmap in Freehand with desired settings
Delete bitmap image
Use "Simplify tool in Freehand to cut down on nodes
Copy from Freehand and paste into Flash

I have used this technique immeasuable number of times and it works great.

Brad Merritt

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