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Subject: Re: FLASH: Text Zoom question
From: Geoffrey Roth
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 19:51:30 +0100

Looks like the positions of the offending letters in the final keyframe of
the tween do not match those of the stationary letters that you're using as
guides. In a situation like this, work backwards.

Begin by placing the letters in the upper (tweening) layer directly over
those in the lower (stationary) layer. (You may need to zoom in to 2000% to
get it exact).

Then cut & shift+paste each symbol to be tweened into a separate layer in
keyframes at both the 2nd & 11th frame of your movie. (Avoid pasting into
the first frame of the movie for the moment, this will afford you greater
flexibility in moving the tween up and down the timeline when you have
Scale and position each symbol to taste in the first keyframe, leaving the
size and position of each symbol unaltered in the second keyframe.

Tween away.

Your letters should now zoom into the appropriate locations. All that's left
to do is to insert the correct number of blank frames in the timeline before
each tween, so that each letter begins its zoom at the correct moment. (This
is where it becomes incovenient to have a keyframe in the 1st frame).


>From: "Valerie Shoaps" <webstressatblackiss [dot] com>
>To: flasheratshocker [dot] com
>Subject: FLASH: Text Zoom question
>Date: Wed, Mar 31, 1999, 2:44 AM

> Hi,
> I did a text zoom thing (yeah, I know...overdone) ala the Canfield
> tutorials. What's bugging me is that most of the letters are zooming in
> over on the left instead of the location of their unscaled destinations on
> the stage. In the last tweened frame, they are usually aligned over the
> letter on the far left.
> I have 2 layers; the lower has the stationary letter fixed on the stage and
> the upper layer has the tweened zoom. I tweened in frames 1 to 9, then have
> frame 10 containing the letter on the lower layer. I scaled 500% 2 times
> before I applied the tween. Any ideas how to make the zoom zone in correctly?
> http://www.blackiss.com/flatest/
> Any input is greatly appreciated.
> Valerie
> ps sorry for the long windedness; frustration will do that!

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