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Subject: Re: FLASH: Dilemma
From: Eva Isabel/E Graphics
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 18:13:25 +0100

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Sent: Saturday, April 01, 2000 6:03 AM
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Subject: FLASH: Dilemma

Same thing happens to me all the time. I only work as freelancer and it is
pretty incredible that the huge companies are the ones that don't want to
give any advance payments, against smaller bussines wich accept happily the
deal i offer them. Mostly they claim they have their own payment policies
and i can't go against them. I have worked like this only once (not very
happy about it). I got all my money at the completion of the project. But
then, i don't have kids, only a cat, and my husband makes enough so at least
i can accept those projects withouth feeling stressed about the rent. If
you can't afford to wait 1 month to get paid then my suggestion is to
politely talk them to convince them, either that or walk away.
Also i have a good contract done by a lawyer, because things are different
here in mexico and the contracts i saw posted here wouldn't fit our crappy
legal system. I got mine with very specific terms, and for that particular
case, i made them sign a "special" contract at the moment they approved the
final sketch, in wich they commited themselves to pay me upon the delivery
of the job plus the usual penalities for delays. As i said, i didn't have
any problems, but not sure if i want to take the risk anymore. I feel like
i am not asking for anything unusual plus my work and time is worth it.

Hope this helps


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