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Subject: Re: FLASH: Personalizing Once Again Clarification
From: Cheri Harder
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 20:13:00 +0100

Hi, Jonathan, again! Well, since I asked for the details, I guess I've made
it my responsibility to answer, huh! I'll give it a go, then somebody can
correct me if I'm wrong.

You COULD make it all one movie, and have the editable text-field name from
the form be repeated as a (non-editable) text-field on the intro (same name,
that is, you'll have to remember to follow the correct paths to get the

OR you could send the variable to the next movie by including in the button,
after the URL, a "?varname" (without the quotes) where varname is the name
of the text field containing the user name. That is, in the GetURL where
you'll put your new window info, put
http://www.yourdomain.com/newpagename.html?varname and the intro movie has
"varname" as the name of the text-field where you want the user name to

HTH (and hope it makes sense)

~~~~Cheri Harder~~~~~
charderatawsolution [dot] com
Advantage Web Solution

ps...some people would likely tell you to NOT change the subject line...I
don't filter/sort that way, but some do.

> The form (created in
> Flash) would be housed in an HTML document (form.html for example) with
> kind of submit button. On submission (Mouse Event: onPress) would launch a
> window with a new HTML document that would contain the quiz. Only the
> screen of the quiz has to contain the user name. I'm looking for the
> way to do this, so if the form needs to be created in Flash within the
> overall movie as the quiz, then that is acceptable. We are running
> over here, however that is not my area of expertise so I'd like to stay
> from having to pass the form value to the database and then back to the
> movie. Thanks again!

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  Re: FLASH: Personalizing Once Again Clar, Jonathan Rose
  Re: FLASH: Personalizing Once Again Clar, Jonathan Rose

  FLASH: Personalizing Once Again, Jonathan Rose
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  Re: FLASH: Personalizing Once Again Clar, Jonathan Rose

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