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Subject: FLASH: RE: Swift generator installation on IIS4
From: Mark Zukiwsky
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 20:28:41 +0100

Paul Koch wrote:

>is there anyone who has used Swift generator on NT with IIS4. I want to
>install it on my own NT server, and I can't get to work.
>On the swift web-site there isn't a good example, only for Apache.

While I'm not familiar with IIS4, I installed Swift last month on a
98SE box running Microsoft Personal Web Server. I'm sure they're
similar, so you make want to try these steps:

1. Make sure that the Swiftgen.exe is in your CGI-BIN directory.

2. Then, run the test to see if it's installed:

If it's correctly installed a test page is displayed.

Unfortunately, that's as far as I got; I couldn't figure out how to
call my test pages. I set-up the sws files, but I couldn't get the
swt template to process. There's a Swift-Generator help page at
http://www.generatordevelopment.net that the Swift-Gen author
responses to, but I wasn't able to find anything there that helped me
that much -- so, I switched to Flash Turbine. You can find Flash
Turbine at: http://www.blue-pac.com

I was able to get Flash Turbine running in about two minutes, and it
has lots of examples and fairly good on-line docs. They have a thirty
day trial download and I believe the cost is $295 US.

If you do manage to get Swift Generator working, let me know what
you're using to execute swt templates.

Mark Zukiwsky
Edmonton, Canada

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