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Subject: Re: [flasher] RE: create projector
From: FlashActionScript
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 13:44:06 -0000

Hi Flashers and JGL in particular,

Thanks for the tips on the projector trouble.

with the
fscommand ("allowscale", "false");
scaling is disabled but I can still hit the maximize
button and maximize the projector window which I do
not like and remind you that I still have
fscommand ("fullscreen", "false"; along with the
previous fscommand.

And still one of my question remained unsolved, that
is, if I have use
fscommand ("showmenu", "false"); in the beginning of
my first frame, how do I create a projector. I usually
create projector from the FlashPlayer, is there
another way round.

One more question which I have posted before where I
go no answer.
The question is >> How do I alter the _alpha setting
of my preLoaderBar (which increases its _width
according to the calculated percentage loaded in my
I wanted some sorta effect like in some setup files of
some programmes where the starting of the indicator
bar is dark and it fades to a lighter shade.

I am expecting atleast AndY to answer my question, if
he is not that busy.

And for that >> Do you Yahoo!
Actually, If I have to pay to Yahoo for removing all
footers except the menus, and also the clusttering
ads, I would have done that. Stupid that we are bound
in some way or the other by the idea of constant
connectivity, ever-connected communication. Don't you
sometimes feel what would happen to the world if
Hotmail and Yahoo vanishes into thin air or pulled
down if not forever even for some weeks.
Tell this story to James Cameroon, he might put in
those SFX at his Digital Domain and make it into some
sorta nice movie. If he ask for the script, it is
almost ready in my table. Kidding, the idea just came
up when JDL replied that he did not Yahoo. OK, I had
been in look out for a simple e-mail provider site
where there is only textual links and not graphical
buttons, and nothing else except the things needed to
run and execute my necessary e-mail requirements. If
you find something of that sort, link me to that, I
will never Yahoo again.


--- JGL <infoatdesignthenet [dot] com> wrote:
> >Is is possible to include all .swf
> files in a single projector and if yes how, this is
> because I have used loadMovieNum ("musicLoop.swf",
> 10); from an external file.
> You must make sure the loaded swf's are in a folder
> with the projector and
> distrubute the whole package. Thay won't be included
> in the projector, only
> called. Or you can physically place the code of the
> music .fla into the .fla
> you plan to make the projector from.
> >And I can still do a full
> screening of my swf.
> Add this too:
> fscommand ("allowscale", "false");
> >Do You Yahoo!?
> No
> jgl
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