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Subject: Re: [flasher] Unlocking SWF's/loadMovie
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 17:50:03 -0000

To disable a button why not just change it's behavior to a graphic or cover
it with another button that has no actions.

To call a frame on your intro just issue the command
_level0.gotoandPlay("frameName"); from your loaded movie clip.


<< Tony and every one,

thank you for your comments on my "Unlocking SWF's" question. Not long
before your posted comments I've experienced what you've described. I think
is useless to have that feature. Anyway, about buttons and movie clips I
guess we have to keep trying finding other ways to implement a button's
'disabled' feature.

Another question(previously posted but didn't receive any replies)on
loadMovie: I have a training module which uses a lot of large bitmaps. I
divided into smaller swfs that I can pre-load them when I need using
loadMovie. This is not a problem. I load them into different levels
leaving the intro/main page swf in level 0. The problem comes when I try to
return to that intro swf into a specifically labeled frame from within one
of those swf movie I have previously preloaded. It wont do it. It will go
to the first frame. I know that this is one way to stream content specially
large bitmaps. I know it can be done, and since I am so obsessed with this
problem I can't let it go. Please help before I become insane(I think I'm
still sane) >>

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