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Subject: Re: Scale problem (i insist, sorry)
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 23:31:24 +0100

>Elements that are animated off the Flash movie stage can be displayed in
>the Flash players. This will occur when there is extra space allowed for
>the movie.
. . .

>- if i use 100% and EXACT FIT, the same thing happens :-(
>i.e : http://netland.fr/100exact.htm
>- if i use 100% and NOBORDER, extra space on the left and right are not
>displayed but the movie is cut at the bottom and the top :-(
>i.e : http://netland.fr/100noborder.htm
>I'm confused...Specially when i see a site like http://www.eye4u.com,
>where i think they also have animated elements that are off stage. I
>can't imagine they do all artworks frame by frame, deleting all extra


I'm no guru (yet) but here's what I've noticed.

First, the extra space around the movie is because browser toolbars change
the ratio to something other than 4:3. I have successfully used the
picture-frame approach to mask around my active area. Unused elements can
be stored beneath it. In one instance, I had a gradient backdrop to my
movie. I copied it, cut a hole in the copy (to show my movie content), and
made that my top layer.

Elements can also be docked above and below the stage, since it seems the
extra space happens to the sides of the movie.

Lastly, if it works with your design, choose an html background color
and/or a background tile that will not be obtrusive (this won't hide your
idle elements but it will make the extra space less objectionable). Flash
makes nicer transparent .GIF's than anything else I've tried (PhotoShop,
GIF Construction Set, etc.).

Please report if you find other fixes.

Marc Hoffman

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  Scale problem (i insist, sorry), Christian.Gayton

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