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Subject: Re: Flash 3 trivia contest
From: Tom Simpson
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 12:23:14 +0100

At 07:57 PM 5/28/98 , you wrote:
> Hey Tom,
> Just tried it - great! !! NN4, P225. Awesome work.
> How do you keep score in it?

It's all done with Tell Target fun. Basically I have one movie clip called
"score" that is just the score from 0 to 80, and one called "answer" that
gives the quick "yes" or "no" animation. When someone clicks on a question
if it's incorrect the button's action will advance them to the next
questions' label on the timeline and tell the "answer" clip to go to the
"no" label, which plays the incorrect button.

If the answer is yes the button's actions will move the main timeline to
the next question, send the "answer" clip to the "yes" label and send a
tell target to the "score" clip with "go to next frame", thus incrementing
the score up one notch.


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  Flash 3 trivia contest, Tom Simpson
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