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Subject: OT:(slightly) good ISP w/Flash Gen &IIS4
From: Robert Koberg
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 14:41:15 +0100

Hi All,
I have had nothing but trouble with ISPs who run IIS4 (most current everything-non-beta).
Does anybody know a good ISP that is running NT and IIS4?
Also, Does anybody know of an ISP who can host Flash Generator content? 
Maybe Macromedia can let us post some stuff some where.  I have a number of people interested in some work I am doing, but I have to lug my box to show it off. The work I am doing is a storyboarding tool that uses ASPs to generate forms.  Then the form user (subject matter expret) can immediately view what they have worked on by sending a command (clicking the view button) to another asp that writes a text file to be used by Flash generator.  Of course, the final end user would just see the flash generator content.
Thanks, Rob

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