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Subject: Re: tell target voodoo
From: David Baldeschwieler
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 21:56:02 +0100

Once a loaded movie has unloaded, it can not send any more actions
because, well, it's gone. ...This seems like a fairly straight forward

However, a loaded movie can address the base movie quite easily using a
tell target action. All you need to do is specify: _level0 (underscore
level zero) as your target in the Tell Target action UI, and the base
movie at level0 will recieve the action.

So to do what you want, you would have to first send the tell target
action to _level0 to make it goto your chosen frame #/label, THEN
implement the unload movie command for the current level that the movie
is on.

Hope that helps!

>On a related note; I am wondering if it is possible to address the
>timeline of the base movie (level0) with actions from a loaded movie.
>For example: make the loaded movie unload with an action in its timeline
>then goto a frame in the base movie once it has unloaded. Again I can
>not address the base movie from the loaded movie with a target action.
>Any thoughts?


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  Re: tell target voodoo, John Croteau

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