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Subject: Re: Preloading of Multiple Scenes Still Not Reliable?
From: John Croteau
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 12:00:31 +0100

Hi Bryan,

The following are my personal observations (for those who don't know me,
I do not work for MM)

> I have restrained myself from hoping that Macromedia's knowledge base
> will be as robust as Microsoft's. If this were the case we really
> wouldn't need Flashers would we?
Microsoft has a good knowledgwe base but I find many things missing
there, too.

> * Shockwave Flash may fail to recognize Action commands during prolonged
> streaming.
Normally this is do to a call to a frame that is not loaded, yet. This
is not limited to long movies. The solution is to use a Wait-for-frame
or its updated version 'If Frame is Loaded' in Flash 3. The problem is
not limited to large files but is sometimes difficult to pin down
because the problem may only occur when the internet is slow,
intermittent or sometimes a problem occurs because the connection is
actually faster than originally tested with.
> * The vocabulary words "Page" and "Scene" have not been clearly defined.
Scenes are used in the authoring environment only (not in the swf file)
and are a convenience to the author to reduce long timelines to a more
manageable size. In Flash 2 it also makes it easier for goto frame
references. There is no cost to add scenes except if there are objects
that are in the previous frame that continue into the next scene, then
there are costs for placing those items an additional time.

> * "Absolute" frame numbers are not recognized within the Flash 2 user
> interface (but are exported in the Size Report).
The addition of labels in Flash 3 is a much better solution.


> * What is the recommended "maximum" file size of .SWF files?
No, stated size.
Many files 900K or more seem to play fine.
The larger files take a very long time to export to the swf format,
breaking large files into smaller movies with the seamless Load Movie
can make creating and troubleshooting problems more manageable plus not
require recreating the whole project for each change. Load Movie allows
chaining or random access as required.

> * What is the recommended "maximum" number of scenes in Flash2?
None known but this is an authoring issue only. See above about scenes.

> * Can anyone list how many things could degrade during streaming? E.g.
> what events may not fire after a large time?
So far all failures I have investigated are caused by structure problems
that can be fixed with change of structure or the proper addition

> * Does Flash3 eliminate some of the problems shared here?
Some and others often can be corrected by new techniques as we learn
more about Flash.

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  Preloading of Multiple Scenes Still Not , Bryan Wilhite

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