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Subject: FLASH: Alcazar, revisited, some specific information
From: Russell E. Unger
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 18:18:25 +0100

There was a crack about the site only utilizing "600k of bandwidth".

In case you don't know who Forrester is, they're one of, if not the
largest firms that research and collect tons of information in "our"
industry and several others, as well.

According to Forrester, 58% of online customers
indicate fast performance as a key factor determining
whether they'll return to a web site.

Scoff, laugh, tell us we know nothing of Flash, tell us how much better
you are than Gabo, etc.

None of that matters; you cannot really effectively gage that; you can
only show how lacking your professionalism is by attacking comments that
are negative to you.

My friend, step out of your own shadow and understand that most, if not
all designs get bonged on the first attempt; regardless of how solid it
is and how much validation you can give to yourself about. I can
already smell how you want to start a flame on this, and I simply will
not participate any further than I have on this list.

Good luck to you.

Russell Unger

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