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Subject: Re: FLASH: Alcazar "Don Rickles of Flash"
From: John Hofmann
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 20:52:28 +0100

I was going to stay out of this but enough is enough. This is one abusive,
egotistical, moron. I don't post much and when I do it is done to the
individual privately or is more than likely a smart-ass off topic comment
(Marcomedia). But I have been a member of this list off and on for over a
year and I learn from these valuable resources (read people) everyday. I am
a technical writer by trade. I use QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, Illustrator,
Freehand, Framemaker+SGML, Photoshop Director and on and on...Flash is just
another tool (a great one thanks to Macromedia) that I can use to enhance my
skills and marketability. Jack of all trades, master of none.

These people are here to help. I certainly appreciate the comments and help
from people like Marc H. Colin M, John B., Mary B, John C, Russ, s u z y and
my fellow Wisconsinite the Howdy Man to name just a few. I also wish DG was
around to get in on this one. While I do not know any one of these people
personally I consider the regular posters and the names I recognize to be a
sort of 'family'. A man can take a dump any where he wants and most don't
notice but when he comes into my kitchen while I am eating with my family
and dumps on the meatloaf, well, I have to take notice.

As a professional who makes some of his money off of the web I can offer
this advice. When you ask the opinion and criticism of others, then expect
to receive it. While you may not agree, you did ask. The jobs we do, whether
graphic or text, are generally a matter of opinion. Yours vs. the client. As
a writer I have to decipher then come up with text and graphics. The client
reviews and most of the time people (PPL) can agree, but sometimes not. Then
it is back to the board and we do it all again. This is a fact of the
creative process. Don't ask for criticism and then go on the defensive when
you get it. You came to the wrong list if you expected nothing but praise.

You were right in me not having my own site. This is why I refrain from
critiques. I am too busy making money to work on my personal projects. The
only Flash I have is johnhofmann.com where I am showing a client a comp on a
menu option for a parts and service site. I do their manuals so I am trying
to get a bigger foothold in their company. Only one set of buttons works
(IceMakers) as this is just a quickly thrown together concept piece. I think
I will get this business. So before you go tooting your horn let me toot
mine at you:

- I just finished writing the Owner's Manual for the new line of ski
boats being marketed in the States by Toyota.
- Next week I will be in Wichita KS directing a photoshoot for marketing
material I am writing for Raytheon Aircraft (Beechcraft).
- I have recently revised the Engine Overhaul Manuals for the Lockheed
- Last month I spent a week in Argentina showing a demo of a training CD
I have developed for pilots of Spanish speaking origin.
- I spent January in Russia negotiating a deal to help a Russian company
certify an aircraft in the United States (squashed by the Draft Dodger in
Charge and Kosovo).
- I am restoring a 1940 Taylorcraft airplane.
- My greatest achievement is raising a 4 year old girl who's mother
decided to go find herself 3 months after she was born.

Sorry to put the faithful through this but it is important that people like
Pieter know what kind of talent they are dealing with (Flash or otherwise).

To this end I would like to propose a site for people on this list. A site
where we can place a bio and information to help the others in this list.
The idea would be to list expertise, projects and sites that the uninformed
or just curious could see before spouting their vast wisdom. Also a place
where others on the list may be able to get some project help. I know I can
often use help in the graphics area and I would certainly rather deal with
this professional family than strangers I know nothing about.

As a final thought, feel free to respond to me personally on any thoughts or
ideas. And to Pieter, next time you want to take a dump do it in the
bathroom. Better yet do it in a different neighborhood and leave this list
until you can grow up.

In my opinion, Gabo to Alcazar = swiffer + big bitmaps.

Sorry for the Rant
Johnny H

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  Re: FLASH: Alcazar "Don Rickles of Flash, Philip Likens

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