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Subject: Re: FLASH: quicktime in flash
From: Chris
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 19:48:41 +0100

Roxtar1ataol [dot] com wrote:

> IN FLASH 4 BABY!!!!!! NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!

I never read mention that you could place/import QT movies into Flash 4. I
know they talked about options and support for exporting with QT4. ANd I
know you can put Flash into QT4 layers. Please show me to where it talks
about placing QT into a Flash Movie. If this is so, could we then make
projectors like in Director to play the swfs with the QTs like on a CD?
Flash 4 then would almost substitute Director in many ways ... at least for
basic multimedia authoring and QT playback. All for much much less of the
price of buying Director ... and you won't have to buy 2 copies.

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