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Subject: Re: FLASH: Overall Design Question - mixing flash and html
From: nickolas c
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 20:07:41 +0100

> > > http://www.ndcuk.co.uk/
> PC
> Netscape 4.6 refused to be let in was referred to a 404 page
> IE worked fine
> typed the URL directly into netscape 4.6 and page worked fine

>>Is there a reason you don't want other browsers in there? I am on NN 4.08
and got bumped to a 404 page for wrong browser.

Well, I didn't do the work on this (I do training stuff, not web), so I
can't coment on the NN problems. I might be pushed into suggesting that
somebody didn't do something right ;-), but I don't know.

If anybody wants to suggest to me what the root of the problem is, and maybe
what the solution could be, I'd be grateful. But if it means tweaking every
page somebody's going to be working late next week }:-)


>>>>>THINKS....maybe I should have kept the URL to myself.....

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