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Subject: FLASH: Alcazar 4.0 ROFL
From: Larry Eisenstein
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 20:38:53 +0100

Ok we'll come clean. Al Rosetti and I are Pieter Olwiege. We concocted this
fictional character to get David Gary back on the list.

This led to the creation of Alcazar 4.0 ROFL. He is the lead character in a
Flashed episodic cartoon we are marketing to deodourized kitty
litter manufacturers. Cute and animated, Alcazar plays the little smell
that the nicely scented new litter efficiently removes. After many chemical
knuckle wrappings, Alcazar becomes sufficiently house trained in Netiquette
and the poo pooey smells become a thing of the past.

It might be time to let Pieter have the last word. He sems to really need
it. Let him post and listen to his echo for a while. Perhaps he'll let the
experience kinda sink in and slowly come up with a more productive way of
dealing with the criticism that is a fact of life in any public form of


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