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Subject: FLASH: pteradactyl strikes again (this time for good)
From: Larry Eisenstein
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 21:01:51 +0100

Cloe wrote

>To all of you who have followed the prehistoric saga. The final episode is
>currently playing at www.bigq.com [(enter with shockwave) duh!! ]. This is
>just the intro but before I go into the real interactive deal, would love
>feedback. Any advice re: stuttering of the image at the sound transitions?.
>Bracing myself...

Hi Cloe,

Loaded quick. Nice paced events.
Great storyboard style layout. A great intro.
Your use of metaphors is outstanding. Some cool animation turns.
I wished there was more Cave drawings like, for example, where the cave dude meets the keenwitted
stick Cave chic and they create the rest of us. The Guttenberg G animates in slow steps on my PII 350 NN 4.05 Win98.
And girl you need a visit with the Bitmap Nazi. "no more bitmaps for you!"
I really think that Dinobird would really fly as a vector. You could have it do
some nice things. I think the Photoshop suggestion was a good one but I'd rather see you
dish out the vectors with the time you have. Telephone too.

Nice tight effective piece. Q-dos.


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