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Subject: Re: FLASH: combining two fla. files
From: Bellaluupo
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 14:03:13 +0100

In a message dated 5/30/99 8:33:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
nigelatmail [dot] telepac [dot] pt writes:

<< Bellaluupo,

Use a load movie in one of them that references the other, or import one
into the other.

Nigel >>
Thanks Nige for your quick response, but being a flash novice I haven;t a
clue what you meant. sorry ;( Maybe, if you could lead me to a tutorial
about "loading movies" or "importing one into the other" I would be greatly
Here's an easier request (I think)
1. How can I get an object (i.e. text) to move from point a to point b slower?
2. how do I extend the motion to a new point ("c") at a little quicker pace.

thank you again for your quick response

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  Re: FLASH: combining two fla. files, Nigel Randsley-Pena

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