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Subject: Re: FLASH: Font? (Starwars?)
From: Philip Likens
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 18:29:50 +0100

>Warning Newbie Answering this question: (Maybe a better way then I am
>Off the top of my head I would think you could use a large plain and use a
>black to transparent gradient on it Black at the top....
>Put this on your top layer....
>Your text I would guess would be individual lines....
>And I believe you can distort (skew) the letters from right to middle..and
>then from left to middle
>on each line....
>All text should be under the gradient layer....
>As you tween the text up the screen tween in becoming smaller...
>I think that should do it...
>People how did the newbie do for this one? Ladies and Gentlemen your scores
>please :)

i think you did very well *but* (oh no right :) ) you wouldn't want to fade
the stars out also. the black-to-transparent fade that you have will fade
the stars out.

see if you can find a solution :)

Philip Likens
-newbie moderator @ flasher.net
-graphical media & web "sight" designer

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