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Subject: Re: FLASH: StarWars Scroll
From: Philip Likens
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 05:15:47 +0100

>> how are you going to skew it into perspective? i've never been able to
>> pull that of very well personally.
>Sorry, I was just going by how Jeremy was saying to throw things into
>But upon trying it myself there was no way to get it like StarWars ... Maybe
>the perspective in Illustrator/Freehand would be a head start.
>Sorry again ... the whole theory worked in my head (it would have worked if
>was capable of doing this) .... I wonder if Flash 4 can do proper perspective
>> how do you do a gradient mask in flash? i believe it'd work to put the
>> stars on top though.
>Hmmmm ... again thwarted by the limitations of the program ... I need
>something to keep up with my thoughts :-)
>I wonder if Flash 4 impliments this feature as well. I just thought since
>was such an amazing program it would do such things like this.
>Sorry to all those who had to listen/read my useless posting .... I'll go
>stand in the corner now.

you had good intentions, you just aren't an expert and you don't fully
understand what flash is capable of, that's all. i was just trying to
question you (without hurting your feelings) so you would see that what you
were saying wasn't totally right. no need to be sorry because you were on
the right track....you just didn't have all of the knowledge that you
needed.....you've learned something though right?

Philip Likens
-newbie moderator @ flasher.net
-graphical media & web "sight" designer

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