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Subject: RE: FLASH: Layers and memory issue
From: Judy Miller
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 06:47:33 +0100

> Actually I find that the more layers I have the smaller and faster my
> movies are especially with text and drawing effects. Look at
> www.pmg.net
> At first the drawing effect was done by erasing the page a little bit at a
> time and reversing the frames. So the drawing was all one layer.
> But, when I borke each line into an individual layer, the movie was about
> 33% smaller and ran faster on lower end computers.
> Same with the typing effect for text. Its been my experience that layers
> add nothing, but more frames does.
> Brad Merritt

Brad, that brings about a question I have had on my mind for quite some
time. Does anyone know, whether or not Freehand 9, when creating something
and using release to layers, will be able to export to Flash in a way that
instead of or as well as everything being laid out in a frame by frame type
movie, having the possibility to have each frame end up on a different layer
in Flash on import and even space those frames if necessary before you
export, using some sort of Freehand to Flash export inspector?? Probably
wishful thinking, but it would be really nice. in other words, have a
sliding scale at each level in the inspector if you decide you want to
export each frame on a different level, (even being able to name them
first), the first 3 10 frames apart each, next on same frame, then
whatever??? It seems like a very possible thing to achieve.


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  Re: FLASH: Layers and memory issue, Brad Merritt

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